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What Are Your Thoughts?

My mom was very upset yesterday because she found out that her all-time favorite teacher, her jr. high English teacher, is not doing well at all.  She’s had Alzheimer’s for a while now, which Mom already knew, but she found out that the teacher now has a propensity for slipping away from her in home caregiver and turning up nude elsewhere; this is particularly difficult for Mom to handle because she was considered a very straight-laced, no nonsense teacher in a time and place where children were still to be seen and not heard.  Mom is also having difficulty believing the other routine that the in home caregiver has introduced.  The teacher got a card in the mail several months ago and absolutely loved it so the caregiver puts it in a new envelope every day and tells her she got mail.  When the teacher opens it, she dances to the music the card plays.  Mom has trouble imagining her dancing, let alone to a greeting card.  The greeting card is starting to get worn out.

I told Mom that she should buy her a new musical greeting card and tell her how much of an impact she had on her life (after all, Mom was in jr. high from fall ‘61- spring ‘63 and she still speaks fondly of this teacher).  Mom said that she wouldn’t even remember her because of the Alzheimer’s.  I think it would be a nice gesture because the teacher may remember being a teacher and would probably be touched to read on a daily basis that she had done something that mattered to some one, even if she couldn’t remember them.  What do you think?

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    Omg this the sweetest thing ever! She should totally do it!
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    I belive you are right. Though the teacher may not remember her the thought that she has impacted someone that strongly...
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